Srinagar, the largest city and the summer capital of Jammu&Kasmir will be connected to the rest of India. For the first time, Srinagar will be connected with the rest of India since India gained independence after the world’s tallest single-arch railway bridge opened over River Chenab.

This Chenab bridge had to overcome many obstacles such as rough terrain and a hostile atmosphere. The structure has been completed by engineers and railway authorities. The project is being given to a Mumbai-based Afcon company. Shri Giridhar Rajagopalan, deputy MD of Afcon said that bridge will be almost completed after the ‘Golden Joint’ is finished. The term golden joint was coined by civil engineers.

The Arch construction was completed last year. Currently, under construction, this bridge will be 35 meters more in height than Effiel Tower. Afcon has just completed the main deck slab of the bridge that is taller than Qutub-Minar. Around 30,350 MT of steel has been used in constructing 1315 meter long Chenab Railway Bridge. The fabrication was done in workshops set up at both ends of the bridge. The bridge will be most probably inaugurated by August 13.

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