Is your company enough to tackle cyber threats?

Is your company enough to tackle cyber criminals.?

Yes, it may be but it’s not always the same. Condition change because these threats are advancing and not slowing down. The more the world moves digitally forward, the more parallels cyber threats are moving along with it. Cyber security is important because it protects the data from theft and unauthorized access.

Cyber security is complex because it requires multi-dimensional and multi-layered initiatives. Companies have to develop their own software for data protection and virus attacks. Countries like the US, China, and India have the most internet users and so they are more vulnerable to cyber threats. Cyber threats can be in the form of both cybercrime and cyber warfare. Cyber crimes are done for criminal activities and financial gain. Some cybercrime is done to spread malicious software, and illegal information and to damage computer devices. Cyber warfare is the term used to wage war against other states. It targets the government and military network in order to disrupt the activities.

In wholesome it is necessary to spread awareness among citizens and the government and keep them updated about the type of threats and the type of facilities available in the form of anti-virus, so as to protect data whether its for private use or official use.

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