While our whole country fighting against the pandemic Corona, there is one state in our country which successfully managed to raze the curve of corona. It set an example not for only our country but to whole world and that’s state is KERALA. Before we talk about Kerala model which is implicated against corona, we have to know some facts about the past which has been faced by Kerala. Within five years Kerala faced two major floods and in year 2018 faced NAPA virus which was also a dangerous virus like corona. Because of this Kerala state government invested 4,000 crores Approx. in health care, due to this Kerala has more medical equipment’s, decent Infrastructure and more experienced to face these viruses and situation like arises right now. This was all started in Kerala On 13 th January when three students landed in Kerala from Wuhan, China was tested positive for COVID-19. After then Kerala government and Medical team was fully prepared to fight against Corona. And in that meantime Kerala C.M was setup quick response team to coordinate with each city to each level. Along with these decisions State Government take many more decisions to fight against corona like setup electronic sanitizers machine, aggressive testing, early detection, increase the mass production of sanitizers and face mask, gave shelters for poor people, organized community kitchens, release fund approx. 20,000 crores for helping Kerala people, Preponed the pension of state government retired employees so that they have cash at this time of emergency. Because of these types of aggressive actions: –

1 – Recovery rate of Kerala is 50% v/s 11% of National recovery rate.​

2 – Fatality rate of Kerala is 0.75% v/s 3.34% of National Fatality rate. 3 – Transmission rate of Kerala is 0.4% v/s 2.26% of National rate. (Source: – MoHFW) So all state governments of all states have to imposed this type of Model to fight against corona.

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