How ‘s the corona virus effect on our environment? And at what value? As we all know that due to COVID-19, the total lockdown is amplifying in most of the nation’s worldwide whether they are developed nation or developing, it doesn’t matter. As the traffic is reduced and the industrial production decreased worldwide so the emission that normally occur will automatically decreased which result significant drop in pollution. The drop in air pollution was first observed by NASA in China’s Hubei province, where the COVID-19 outbreak began in December. As per report 7 million people die every year due to Air Pollution that is massive. But now due to pandemic ozone layer depletion is also reduced. But what will happen once it’s all over? The environment changes are only for short term because when industries come back online they will speed up production to make their gap because there is going gap in production right now, which they will have to catch up or achieve. Many of the energy which is cheaper are the most polluting and you will see that as industries start backup there are going to be cash short so they will use those cheaper sources of energy as much as possible which will affect our environment and because of that our world become again pollute. What will we do to sustain this environment for lifetime? If all the countries will take step to fully lockdown for a day in every year so it will be better for our environment and us. We all celebrated That lockdown day might be as Environment day. It will help to save many lives and our future generations will also take birth in clean environment. This is only one way which will be very useful, there are many other ways which is very common and we all knows.

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